Double A Willow

Double A Willow

Driven by concerns about global warming, air pollution, rural development, and national security, Double A Vineyards, through its subsidiary Double A Willow, has taken the lead in the large scale commercialization of shrub willow and other commercial uses.

Chosen in 2004 by SUNY ESF, who provided 20 years of research into the development of shrubwillow, as the only licensed commercial nursery to grow and distribute their patented high yielding and fast growing varieties, Double A Willow has developed a large, impressive nursery capable of providing willow cuttings to growers across North America. These cuttings will be used primarily to ultimately provide fuel supplies for wood and coal power plants and combined heat and power projects. It is hope as technology improves willow can be used as a source fuel for large scale biofuel projects.

In addition, Double A Willow is dedicating a larger portion of its business to the development of other uses of shrub willow. Some of these other uses include: snow and privacy fences, living walls, riparian buffers, phytoremediation projects, and ornamental uses such as basketry and dried willow arrangements.

Dennis and Sue Rak, the owners of Double A Willow, are well known in New York State and across the country for their crop and business management skills in the operation of a large, diverse and growing grapevine nursery business which they have operated for the past 20 years. In the 4 years they have operated the Double A Willow nursery business they already have gained a reputation as a customer oriented, efficient operation that should provide the skills and drive to make this new renewable energy business a great success.

This new and improved website will provide improved and more detailed information and streamlined way of identifying and ordering the willow products they desire. Please take the time to review our website and pass on any questions or information you have.

We look forward serving your needs.

Dennis & Sue Rak

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