Double A Willow

Living Snow Fence

Living Snow Fence

Willow can be strategically planted along roadways to act as a living snow fence. The fast growing willow plant is a natural barrier that traps blowing and drifting snow. Willow fence helps reduce traffic accidents along roadways, and it increases aesthetics and wildlife habitat as well. The willow can reach over 20 feet within 3 years, being effective in a short period of time. Maintenance costs for roadway snow fences are drastically reduced with the implementation of willow, as well as the cost of labor for snow removal. Natural snow fences are much more environmentally friendly than other alternatives. More importantly, the cost-benefit ratio of willow snow fence outweighs that of traditional snow fence.

Living snow fence can also be utilized on farms to protect livestock and crops from the elements.

Willow should be planted in two rows, each row being a different variety.

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Suggested Varieties

Fish Creek, Onondaga, Allegany

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