Double A Willow

Privacy Hedge

Privacy Hedge

Willow planted for a privacy hedge serves as a natural alternative to many vinyl or chain-link fences. It blocks out neighbors and decreases noise in a tasteful manner. The willow gives a colorful and varied appearance, as it changes with the season. Willow can be grown to desired thickness and appearance; it should be in rows, according to your preference. Willow hedges grow quickly, and are expected to be fully grown within 2 to 4 years. Willow should be planted in two rows of one variety.

Willow for Privacy Hedge will be sold as 10 inch cuttings in 25 foot increments, with weed mat and securing pins.

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Suggested Varieties

Canastota, Millbrook, Oneida, Otisco, Owasco, S25, S365, Sherburne, SVI, SX61, SX64, SX67, Tully Champion

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