Double A Willow

Projects: Short Rotation Woody Crop Biomass Heating for Forest Seedling Greenhouses

The project is underway at PRT Red Rock, a northern British Columbia forest seedling nursery, located just south of Prince George, BC, and producing six to ten million forest seedlings annually. PRT expects to substitute a significant portion of existing natural gas heating with a high efficiency system fed with purpose grown fully sustainable short rotation woody biomass, grown on 25 acres of its under-utilized former bare root seedling fields. Pacific Regeneration Technologies Inc. (PRT) operates nine forest seedling nurseries in B.C., one in Alberta, one in Saskatchewan, two in Ontario and one in Oregon. They are sublicensed with Double A to plant nursery in Western Canada and Northwestern US.

PRT's objectives include:

  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through the implementation of a sustainable low carbon process.
  • Reduction of annual heating cost.
  • Accelerate the development of a system demonstrating a cost effective renewable energy option.

8 Weeks

PRT Project 8 weeks

12 Weeks

PRT 12 Weeks

15 Weeks

PRT 15 Weeks